Monday, May 25, 2009

Farhan Abdullahi Agency, a new REAL friend

Appreciative of REAL's work, Farhan Abdullahi come to REAL's recent 4th Annual Spring Celebration. After being at the event and moved by what REAL's doing to educate and empower Ethiopian girls he sent us this comment:

"Dear REAL:

It is with humility I have enclosed a small donation to your organization. My wife and I are from Ethiopia and my wife was fortunate enough to be educated in our country. We have three beautiful and healthy children, two are girls. I am blessed knowing that my daughters will never experience what girls in Ethiopia and the pain and the daily struggles they go through. I am very impressed with the great work that REAL is doing. Education is very important and I believe, this is something that can free a person and also free a country.

"Keep up the great work you are doing, and the dream of helping to educate the girls and women in Ethiopia."


Farhan Abdullahi
Farahan Abdullahi Agency
American fAmily Ensurance"