Monday, June 1, 2009

Kathleen Moore's trip to Ethiopia with REAL girls

After 45 years, I am returning to Ethiopia. My friend, Betelham Benti, is accompanying me and will stay until August 15 when she returns to the US to continue her college education. I will stay for about a year, going to all eight REAL sites to tutor the girls in English and work with the Mentors.

We arrive in Addis Ababa the evening of June 4 and will visit friends and family before starting for the 1st site, Hosanna, to meet the girls and mentor, Worknesh. This is an especially exciting start for me as I visited Hosanna years ago when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the little village of Endeber which is on the way to Hosanna. In 1966, I walked the 100 kilometers from Endeber to Hosanna with another Peace Corps Volunteer and some of our students. This time we'll ride in a vehicle as my legs are no longer 21 years old.

Every chance I get, I'll post a blog about the girls and, hopefully, get them to blog here as well.

Katherine Moore