Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our last day in Hosanna

It’s our last day here and Workenesh insisted Sosi and I come to her house for breakfast. She had more food than most people have at a feast! Roasted corn and ferengi-style bread and meat in a spicy sauce, lentil stew (because she knows that’s my favorite) and Coca-Cola. We had to eat more than we could possibly hold or she would have been offended. Her oldest daughter made the coffee and we topped it all off with bananas. Workenesh was called away to be interviewed by two men who had come to the Synod from Kenya to start a radio Bible station in Hosanna’s native language, Hadiya. She will be excellent, I know, and I hope she gets the job.

In the afternoon, our last day party was wonderful. The girls all wore their best clothes and had their hair done beautifully. I presented diplomas to them and each one received one of the scarves that my friends at home had donated to my gift collection. They gave me a “lunch box,” which is a basket covered with sheep skin, has a pointed top held on by strips of leather and a long strap to carry it on my back when I go to the fields to mind the cows at lunch time. I love it.

After the festivities, Sosi ran off with the girls for one more romp and photo shoot. Belianesh left and, to my dismay, I discovered she had not left any supper for me. I had mentioned something about Workenesh’s huge breakfast for us being enough to last me all day and I guess Belianesh took that seriously. There’s no electricity so I can’t read or watch TV. I guess I’ll go to bed at 6:30!