Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank you & Happy Holidays Wish from Cheryl Kyle

Resources for the Enrichment of African Lives (REAL)

Our Mission: To educate and empower African people, living in the United States and in their native countries, to lead productive and satisfying lives, building strong communities.
Dear REAL Sponsors, Volunteers and Supporters,

On behalf of the REAL Board of Directors, along with our girls and young women that we support, their families and their communities, I would like to extend a deep and heart felt "Thank You!" for all your support, generosity and good will.

Currently we sponsor 120 girls and young women at 8 sites in Ethiopia, in over 30 schools. We are adding a new site in January 2010 - this means that an another 15 girls will have the opportunity to continue their education and reach for their dreams, while their families receive additional support and their communities continue to benefit as well.

We know what a difference this is making in all of their lives... These are girls and young women who are committed to becoming self-sufficient and to giving back to their communities. We know that education shifts the cycle of poverty for these families and their communities. We also know that we gain much as well - as we share our time, our thoughts and prayers and what we can monetarily.

These young women and girls are truly the future... just as our young ones here are as well. We can only begin to fathom what our world will look like in 10 - 20 - or even 30 years. We do know that by giving these young people a chance... we are giving that future a better chance for all of us!

Thank you for walking with us and being our partners as we continue to support the sites we have, as we grow our programs and our commitments... as we celebrate all that we have accomplished together this past year and as we look toward next year.

We could not have done it without you...
Thank you!

Cheryl Kyle: President REAL Board of Directors

REAL Board Members: Tsehai Wodajo-Founder and Executive Director; Cheryl Kyle-President; Christine Hurney-Member; Randy Hoversten-Treasurer; Ann Jensen-Sponsorship Coordinator; Erik Kaaya-Member; Carla Sykora-Secretary