Monday, April 6, 2009

REAL Volunteer Opportunity for young women

An primary service of REAL is our African Girls and Young Women Leadership Development Program. It's purpose is to develop the leadership skills of African girls and young women .

REAL is currently looking for African girls and young women to participate in this program who are:
• Committed and passionate about making a difference in for their peers in Africa
• Accepting of people who are respectful of people from different cultures and faiths
• Successful in "bridging the cultural gap" by being willing and able to explain cultural norms to those unfamiliar with them
• Able to create an effective network within an ethnic or cultural community
• Willing to work cooperatively with diverse groups

Girls and young women who are interested in this leadership development program must complete an application and be interviewed by representatives of REAL's partner agencies. The final selection will be made by REAL's program committee.

The deadline for applying is April 30, 2009. If interested, contact Hareg Tolesa at 651-235-5420 or for an application and information.