Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inspired by one woman's journey

When I heard Tsehai's story... I was very moved. Here was a woman, who has been through so much in her own life, committed heart and soul to providing education to girls in Africa. And not only education - her vision is to empower all African people! She knows, from first hand experience, what a huge difference it makes in a persons life to be given a chance for education, to build community and what it takes to immigrate to another country and establish a new life. Now she can draw on her own experience to create programs that build bridges... between families, communities and countries. How could I resist joining the board of such an organization? Tsehai's dream of empowering people is my dream as well... we all work to provide programs for today and tomorrow that will stop the cycle of poverty, the spread of disease and harmful practices. Best of all - these are programs that will allow others to reach their dreams as well!

Cheryl Kyle, REAL board president

Editor's note: Tsehai Wodajo is the executive director of REAL