Friday, May 1, 2009

Itiyane-Nedjo 2004

I am glad and became happy since I got the chances of aid from you. My tongue and my heart is full of thanks.

I am the poor daughter for my mother. I don't have father. I have two brothers and one sister, those cannot help me in any way, even they cannot help themselves. My mother goes three times in a day to collect wood and sell it for getting our sustenence. In times when my mother can't go to collect wood we feel hungry.

Even though I am in such conditon, I am with education. Really I very [much] like to learn since it may change my life in the future. When I come back from school I do so many things such as fetching water, that is very far from us; making coffee, and so on. Since I do not have a light in the night for studying I study during a day time for short period of time because of lack of time.

2006 - The number of students that go to my school is three thousand and the number in my class is 105. I understand from your letter that you and your children went to Alaska. Because we are in the underdeveloping country children to not have such good and interesting chance.